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Championship 2016/2017 ajour pr. 15.1.2017
Newcastle 26 50-21 55
Brighton 25 40-17 54
Leeds Utd 26 35-24 48
Reading 25 36-33 46
Huddersfld 26 30-30 46
Sheff Wed 26 30-24 45
Derby C. 26 24-19 40
Fulham FC 25 43-30 39
Preston N 26 35-32 39
Barnsley 26 43-39 38
Norwich 26 42-39 37
Birmingham 26 30-35 36
Aston V. 26 26-25 35
Ipswich T 26 28-31 34
Brentford 26 33-33 33
Wolverh 26 33-34 32
Queens P 26 25-36 32
Cardiff C 25 30-40 30
Bristol C 26 35-38 27
Nottingham 26 37-45 27
Burton A. 26 26-36 25
Blackburn 26 31-43 24
Wigan Ath 26 22-31 22
Rotherham 26 27-56 16

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16-01-2017 12:21:07

Zola fortsetter å imponere ser jeg

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10-05-2016 15:12:54

BION I'm imseepsrd! Cool post!

04-09-2013 01:33:34
mohd habir bin nadzmie

04-09-2013 01:33:08
mohd habir bin nadzmie

16-04-2013 15:58:08

Hei, God tur, skulle gjerne vært med dere

15-04-2013 20:58:40


13-07-2012 08:14:45


08-06-2012 11:33:57


08-06-2012 11:32:22
BEZ name

LOL Do you speek polish??? :-)

08-06-2012 11:31:19

I like FC Barcelona , Real Madrit , Real Madrit , FC Barcelona

07-06-2012 12:10:58

FC Barcelona

07-06-2012 12:10:07

hi guys!
do you likes FC Barcelona or do you likes Real Madrit?
i'm not sure beacouse i like a lot of football teams

07-06-2012 12:05:17


06-05-2012 07:57:38
steve hood

great to see bluenoses in norway - respect man. keep right on

23-02-2012 23:58:08

John, Erik Huseklepp is the forth
Norwegian to play for Blues, the others
Thomas Myhre (on loan from Sunderland),
Sigurd Rushfeldt (on loan from Tromso) and
Bjorn Otto Bragstad (On loan from Derby)

23-02-2012 20:40:55

Ikke glem Bjørn Otto Bragstad. Ingen har satt sitt preg på klubben.

23-02-2012 19:13:29

myhre og rush

23-02-2012 18:00:56

Hi guys. As we have just signed Erik
Huseklepp I wondered how many other
Norwegian footballers have played for
Birmingham City? I can't remember any, can
anyone help me?

07-02-2012 21:38:39

3 plass'mm deilig ass

07-02-2012 18:08:40

Startoppstilling i dag?

18-01-2012 15:33:31

15-09-2011 10:09:05

See the item I posted last night!,670548

15-09-2011 03:46:10

Hello Norwegian's, I met you all afew years back after the worthington cup
defeat to Liverpool I was flying back to Spain.
I now live in Finland and will be travelling to Brugge will you be going?

06-06-2011 18:08:47

Voldsom aktivitet på forum om dagen?

30-05-2011 17:34:08
dublinbrummie richie

looking forward to the weekend boys

14-04-2011 11:57:08

Helloo me old Norwegian Bluenose muckers,

Keep Right On, S O T V.

03-03-2011 13:41:14
lee naven

Hi to everyone in Norway.
Keep the faith.
Keep right on.

Here's a tribute to the wonderful day we all had on Sunday.
Best wishes.

02-03-2011 22:06:29

Man.City-Villa 3-0. No Villa at Wembley for the FA semis then?
Didn`t get to speek to you on sunday Rich, but it was a nice hug...
So wild celebrations?

02-03-2011 12:57:31

It is finally starting to sink in - we won!!

Hi Andy, what a fantastic weekend. It is a shame we didn't get to meet up with
you and Trond but it was great to see the Svenska Bluenoses at the pub on
Paddington Station on Sunday morning and then meet up after the game at the
Euston Tap for a beer or two. Those of us who were staying on Sunday night ended
up in a curry house in Kings Cross and a Leeds fan ( Yes - Leeds!) came up to us
to say well done. I thought I would never see that ( actually I never thought I
would see us win anything!)

Cheers and KRO


02-03-2011 09:53:20

hello to all the blues
ville bare takke for en helt super opplevelse på Wembley. for en enkel sjel fra
landet var det bare helt rått å være på wembley.
Når vi i tilleg tok vårt første store pokal ble det fullkommet.
Når Oba putta goalen trodde jeg at hele greia gikk i bakken,folk hoppa og
klemte og kyssa med folk du aldri hadde sett før.90% feiring og de siste 10% av
meg prøvde å ha litt kontroll på hvor enden av raden var for det var langt ned.
takk til alle nye venner for en utrolig tur.
Henrik,Martin,Kim,H.F,Roger,Trond og alle sammen fra Elverum+ alle andre. ingen
nevnt,ingen glemt.

01-03-2011 19:27:28
Andy Patterson

What a great day! That has to be our proudest moment. Mcleish and the board have
turned this great club around. But most credit has to go to our players never
die attitude. I cannot stop smiling. Keep right on!

02-12-2010 18:43:47
Andy Patterson

Oh yes! What a night Keep Right On!

25-08-2010 04:09:21
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17-08-2010 16:34:27

Hi Dave. I will take the trip to Brum and St Andrews against Blackburn Rovers.

17-08-2010 14:59:37

Hi Martin, Trond, how you both doing ? Either of you making it over for the
first home game ?

06-08-2010 12:55:54

Hi You Bluenoses including litle Jacob Patterson the youngest one! Look forward
to the Liverpool game, any Irish coming? We will at least be 5 of us from Sweden
including Rebecka, Jenny Uffe Jakob and myself. To spend the NewYears Eve in
Brum follow Blues games Man United 28th Dec and Arsenal the 1th of Jan. 2011
seems also as a good idea and logic. Hope that Jakob and myself can make it but
perhaps a few more Swedish Bluenoses. Frank for sure, you and your wife in town
28th? Will be nice over a few pints at Anchor before and after the game!!! KRO
all of You and especially Y Blues!

06-06-2010 11:38:47
Knut Roger

Thank's for your engagement,Andy. We missed you all, because it's on it's way to
be a tradition to have you over here for the tournament. The Norwegian club is
30 year next summer, so we hope to see you all here again and then we will lift
the trophy , and oc a lot of beer's. Good luck to you and your wife and "the
comming star".

05-06-2010 08:01:52

Great see Y on the Forum Andy! Had a great time with Martin Wednesday followed
the Swedish and Norway National Teams at Bohemen Fotball Pub! Yes for sure a few
pints!!! KRO and holding the thumb for Y and Vicki

05-06-2010 07:48:10
Andy Patterson

Wishing the Blues lads a great tournament today wish
I was there with you guys. Enjoyed last years
tournament hope all goes well today. My wife is
expecting our child so I must stay home but I will be
there next year. Keep right on!

21-05-2010 20:08:37

Testing (we had a spam attack) sorry !

21-05-2010 13:36:38

xD2ANp Cool lol hey bla bla bla bla

15-05-2010 17:40:09
richie dublinbrummie

bring on the villa and wolves on june the 5th

14-05-2010 23:11:51

It´s a great pleasure to be one of you and been acepted as a Bluenose especially
at Anchor where the Teamspirit and heart is huge and warm Rich! For sure we will
join Brum and our Team next season just waiting for 10th of June and fixtures.
KRO and all regards Brummies!!! Bluenose Chrille

12-05-2010 09:38:13

What a great season that was. I never dreamed we would finish as high as 9th - I
just hoped we would stay up!. I'm pleased for Joe Hart that he got player of the
season although I voted for Barry Ferguson ( who won the player's vote). A
special award should go to all of you ( like Christer, Trond and Ritchie)who
travel so far to the games. I look forward to seeing you all next season in the
Anchor. KRO and SOTV from Rich in Brum,

08-05-2010 05:43:24

Hi Rich just a Supurb weekend we had and Jolly good party at Anchor Inn! Not one
night, three ones Häftigt in swedish Take care over there and keep Brummies
pride due to a victory towards Bolton on Sunday. KRO Bluenose Chrille

04-05-2010 12:01:16

Hi Chrille. I\'m glad you enjoyed yourself. Thanks for sharing your birthday
whisky with everyone! I hope eveyone who came to the game with you had a great
Hi Trond and Dublin Richie - you will both be able to talk about hurling next
time you meet as Trond is now an axpert after watching the Galway/ Cork match in
the Anchor on Sunday.
KRO - Rich.

03-05-2010 20:37:15

Yes a fantastic Happening out at St.Andrews when we with our Team from
IrishBrummies deliverd the Yearly awards to Roger Johnson and Y Joe Hart.
Smashing evening also at The Anchor Inn, just unbeliveable! Thank you all for a
great Party. KRO Bluenose Chrille

03-05-2010 18:52:26

good weekend lads see you in june

05-04-2010 17:44:16

Myself also been into B9 web-site, looks good. Will visit Victoria Inn next
time, last homegame towards Burnley. Will bring 6persons from Sweden with me.
How many from abroad will join the 20Year anniversery of SupporterCup 5th of
June? Great game yesterday and no losses at home since September. Mighty Blues -
KRO, Bluenose Chrille

09-03-2010 16:21:52
p tomlinson

hi trond know my brother andy has been in touch with u hope 2 c u at liverpool
match b nice 2 c u again k.r o paul

04-03-2010 19:41:17
paul tomlinson

hi tron met martin at derby hope u read our new supporters club web site we r
the b9\'s run by my brother. be nice to meet up with you at an home game we are
at the victoeria pub just up from the ground. k r o hope to see u again mate

09-01-2010 17:00:37

Lykke til folkens - dette blir ikke lett. Vi har en alldeles forferdelig
statistikk mot Man U siste 30 år:

- De røde djevlene har ikke tapt mot Birmingham siden 1978. Det samme året tok
Sir Alex Ferguson over Aberdeen i Skottland, og den nåværende United-manageren
anbefalte Alex McLeish (da en ung forsvarsspiller i Pittodrie) om å gi opp
bankstudiene og heller satse på en karriere innen fotball. Den dag i dag holder
de den gode kontakten, og før McLeish bestemte seg for å forlate jobben som
skotsk landslagssjef til fordel for Birmingham, forhørte han seg med Sir Alex
først for å få tips.

- Siden Uniteds stygge 5-1-nederlag på St. Andrews i 1978 har djevlene ikke gitt
Birmingham unødvendig mye poeng. På de 22 kampene etter har United vunnet hele
16 og spilt seks uavgjorte.

Det var da også Man U som stoppet vår forrige 11-kampers rekke uten tap. Er det
dagen for å snyte statistikken?

06-12-2009 19:43:31

Must say Iḿ proud to be a real Bluenose after latest week games, a teamspirit
and more offensive approach but with a great defense. Dann and R Johnson doing
well Carr and Ridgwell exelent on the left and -right side. Bowyer must be
knocking on door for South Africa, brilliant man...For a Swedish supporter Super
Sebś 2 goal yesterday was magic KRO You Blues Cheers Chrille

18-11-2009 12:38:12

John Baker skriver på hjemmesiden Joys and Sorrow.
Has the tide turned? Will the Bull Ring be
torn down and rebuilt for the third time in my life? Are Birmingham City
Football Club going to win a major trophy in the next 10 years?

Yes, no and yes!

The number 1875 doesn’t represent 7:15 pm, but the year in which our our beloved
Birmingham City, nee Small Heath Alliance, was invented, formed, or maybe just
started to exist. On the face of things, existing is all we’ve done since then,
and my mates at that first game in 1875 will attest to that. OK, that last bit
was a fib . . . I have no mates young or ancient.

We’ve been pretty much complete failures during those 134 years, i.e. lots of
sorrows, but along the way enjoying joys too when we’ve taken on the ‘big boys’
and won. As we’re supporters of a team that is trophy-less no-one can accuse any
of us of being glory hunters now can they? We just keep right on to the end of
the road and all that, but I ask, where is the end of the bloody road?!

There have been many false dawns since my heart became solid blue in 1964, but
this one is very different I’m glad to say.

The last owners not only ‘got us sorted’, but also stunted our growth, and 15
years on it’s a relief to see them gone. Yeung and company are a breathe of
fresh air, and are doing everything right thus far. Not bad for a group of
people who as far from the Brummie culture as caviar is from mushy peas.

McLeish has got the team playing for their futures these last three games with a
win against Sunderland, and creditable draws against the illustrious Premiership
opposition of Manchester City and Liverpool. Yeh, OK, we ‘won’ at Liverpool in a
moral sense there is no doubt.

Crisp passing, an attacking line-up, and players that may have just stepped
things up just to make sure they are still a part of things come the end of
January. I ask them however, where were you August to October?

I give a huge warm welcome to our new owners. They are businessmen first, but
appear to share the blue mist before our eyes. Should the end of the road end up
at the Great Wall of China via a few trophies, then I will applaud and say ???
[thank you!].

We’ll probably be joined by more than a few thousand Chinese folk, so be
prepared to to say good bye to St. Andrews and hello to a new stadium and some
very exciting times.

Keep right on! ??????

07-11-2009 01:29:48

any of you been invited to fulham game to talk about the club? to the new cheif
exe(they have been asking supporters clubs to come over) me and kev have been.
(free match and lunch)they should have contacted someone in your club

18-09-2009 12:17:55
Andy Patterson

Martin I here you are over for the Arsenal match will
see you there at the Emerates

26-08-2009 15:40:40

You staying at the Old Crown Trond ? Getting the train in this season as I\'ve
moved house, so thats been my stopping point for the first two games on my walk
down from Digbeth.If you are, I\'ll see you in there ?


26-08-2009 13:01:57

Hi Dave. Of course mate, I will come over to Brum. SOTV and Keep Right On!

26-08-2009 12:51:56

Hi Trond, Martin, hows things in Norway ?

Either of you coming over for the Villa game ?


20-08-2009 14:57:26

Hi Lee. The Curry in Digbeth was exellent and the trip to Old Trafford will be a
memory! See you before the Villa game (your local pub). Hi to Phil from me. KRO

19-08-2009 16:37:09
Lee Crawford

Hi Trond

How are you mate did you enjoy your Curry Cheers for putting our picture on the
web site its Class


10-08-2009 21:31:30

Hi Rich. It was a brilliant wedding and a new experience for Ocelie and me. So
fun to have the total control over the Villa and WBA supporters who also was
there, when we started singing our best songs! 470 pubs in Brum, ok and thank
you for My plan is to visit them all, like a groundhopper
(puh). I probably meet you at The Anchor Inn saturday evening, coming over for
the United game. KRO mate!

10-08-2009 12:20:14

Hi Trond. It was good to see you on Saturday. You asked me how many pubs there
are in Birmingham. lists 470 in Birmingham ( and over1200
for the whole west midlands area). That is a good website when going to away
games as it has reviews for most of the pubs in a town. Wasn\'t Andy
Patterson\'s wedding day great? Singing all the Blues songs with Badger, Ticket
Mark, John Rafter ,Spoon etc. Me and Spoon went back to the Anchor and carried
on drinking for a few hours more. A brilliant night!

Keep Right On!


13-06-2009 00:43:17
richie dublinbrummie

trond will you send me some of the pics you took

12-06-2009 12:42:41


12-06-2009 12:11:09


12-06-2009 12:10:02


10-06-2009 09:59:52

Giovanny Espinoza ser ut til å være i boks. Arbeidstillatelse bør ikke være noe
problem i dette tilfellet

10-06-2009 00:29:35


09-06-2009 23:44:31


09-06-2009 23:34:44

Giovanny Espinoza ser ut til å være i boks. Arbeidstillatelse bør ikke være noe
problem i dette tilfellet

09-06-2009 22:34:17

Giovanny Espinoza ser ut til å være i boks. Arbeidstillatelse bør ikke være noe
problem i dette tilfellet

09-06-2009 20:56:46

Nyeste ryktene fra
Birmingham ønsker å hente den tidligere West Ham-spilleren Sekou Baradji tilbake
til Premier League. Han spiller for øyeblikket for portugisiske Naval.
Birmingham skal ha fått et nytt bud på 50 millioner kroner for Roger Johnson
avslått av Cardiff. Portsmouth og Sunderland følger nøye med utviklingen. Daily
Express skriver at Manchester City-keeper Joe Hart vil gå til Birmingham for 40
millioner kroner. Ifølge Daily Mirror vurderer manager Alex McLeish å flytte
fokus fra Johnson til Newcastles David Edgar. Nottingham Evening Post hevder at
Nottingham Forest vil komme med et bud på 12,5 millioner kroner for Gary

08-06-2009 18:42:31

Good to have you with us Richie, sorry that Daz got sick. We had a great night
in Drammen yesterday, good jam-session. You should have been there

07-06-2009 22:41:11
richie dublinbrummie

good weekend beer for me now for weeks detox detox

07-06-2009 22:40:47
richie dublinbrummie

good weekend beer for me now for weeks detox detox

05-06-2009 12:40:40
Andy Patterson

I won\'t arrive until 2300 this evening. I will be there
tommorow KRO!

04-06-2009 23:47:58

Me too Andy! Are you coming in on Friday? I`ll meet Phil, Chris and Daz in the

04-06-2009 23:38:56
Andy Patterson

Looking forward to seeing the supportercup on

03-05-2009 22:02:32

Now we´re back to where we belong
in Premier League!!! Just Great and so nice to be a winner, not a habbit as I´ve
understood lately. Today we had guts and the spirit enough to go all the way.
Hope McLeish gets the Respect he deserve as some of the Players. The fans should
be proud and show there Respect as I think we do up North in Scandinavia! A very
happy Bluenose Swedish lad, Chrille

22-04-2009 23:03:04
richie dublinbrummie

just heard we are playing villa in june in supporters cup nice

20-04-2009 22:29:58

We Vikings from Sweden, Berra and myself will join! As heard from Andy who
planed for this will also join the celebration after a great wic towards old
Preston NE! Look forward to meet Andy in kilt...Vicky in skirt seems ok. See Y
at Anchor after the game for a PL toast....hopefully. At least a GREAT Keep
Right On Pint! Go for it

17-04-2009 15:17:35

Hi Trond, Richie from Dublin and any one else coming to the Preston game. Gerry,
the landlord of the Anchor is looking to raise money for charity that day by
getting as many fans as possible to wear tartan. Spoon always wears a kilt to
last home game of the season and talked me into doing the same this year. I had
been drinking when I agreed to this. I don\'t think I can back out now so come
along to the anchor to see me looking a right idiot. Even better - wear
something tartan. Come on Andy Patterson, you know you want to look a fool too!

Cheers, See you at the match. KRO.

16-04-2009 22:19:17

Våre unge venner tapte 3-0 mot Liverpool i kveld, det blir nok ingen Youth cup
finale nei!

16-04-2009 22:00:29

Hi Richie saw Y´re in Brum for the Preston game and stay at Old Crown. Me to
with a friend from Stockholm. He´s a Bluenose Rookie but a reel one! Will meet
up the Norwegiens but also Andy and Brum friends. See Y and NOW IT´s NO RETURN

15-04-2009 22:44:19

Hi Richie. Ok mate, I call or text you. KRO

15-04-2009 17:48:11
richie dublinbrummie

hi trond have booked to stay in the old crown for preston game with rest of the
lads give us a ring before hand doing award after the game

14-04-2009 13:14:06

very best job

21-03-2009 15:33:10
richie dublinbrummie

cheers rich.heard off one of the lads in the anchor you were looking for me
afterwards but i went off to meet family after the game

17-03-2009 13:54:26

Happy St Patrick\'s Day Richie!

09-03-2009 11:16:46
richie dublinbrummie

played alot better on sat but didnt put our chances away.need philips ,o connor
and mcfadden quick

08-03-2009 00:17:09
Knut Roger


07-03-2009 12:54:38
Knut Roger

HEY HEY ANDY ! We are on our way . HEY HO LETS GO

07-03-2009 12:22:23
Andy Patterson

Pleased with Blues on Wednesday. Look a much better outfit with Larsson on
right. It was the same at Palace Last week we created much more. Lets get a win
today and get the fans back at St Andrews.

02-03-2009 10:06:30
richie dublinbrummie

hi rich i will be in the dubliner and then the anchor before the game

23-02-2009 18:32:08

Hi Trond. I will not be at Bramall Lane but you will see Spoon there. I will see
you at Easter ( the Wolves match is now on the Monday night) and I hope to see
dublinbrummie at the saints match (lets hope we play better!). Rich

19-02-2009 15:06:22
richi dublinbrummie

hi rich i was not over with the pats fans but ive been in touch with
them about 7-8 real blues coming over for saints match we usually go to the
anchor in the back room with murph and the sha lads

19-02-2009 15:02:20
richie dublinbrummie

there is two of us i think he was talking to you i thought it was me until i
read your message below

19-02-2009 12:25:20

Hi Rich. And you confused me too (ha,ha). Will you and Spoon travel to Bramal
Lane sunday 1. march? If, see you there! KRO

19-02-2009 12:18:51

Rich it takes a lot to convince Andy that we played well. Agree that Larsson is
no right back. But some of the new signings look promising, think we`ll be ok!

19-02-2009 11:41:33

Hi Trond

I think you have confused me with a different Rich ( I\'m already in Brum -
usually found in the Anchor with Spoon (for those that haven\'t heard of Spoon ,
he is a legendary bluenose with a fantastic capacity for alcohol!))

Hi Dublin Brummie. Were you one of the group that came over to see Fahey play
and he was only on the pitch for a few minutes? He played well on Saturday
though and it was great to see him score his first goal for the club!

Hi Martin. Larson definitely is not a right back - I feel sorry for him having
to play there. We played a bit better against Nottingham Forest. I was feeling
more positive after the match than I have done for a long time ( though I spoke
to Andy Patterson on Sunday and he still thought we were poor)


15-02-2009 16:40:45

im going over for the saints game on march 7th as its only 20 euro flights

12-02-2009 22:01:12

Hi Rich. A Guinness or two at the Anchor is perfect before and after a
Bluesgame! I will come over to the Sheffield U game 1.mars. But I will also be
in Brum in the Easter to watch the Wolves, Charlton and Plymouth games. Will you
take a flight to Brum and se Blues play in that period? KRO and Shit on the

12-02-2009 20:13:37

Good to hear from you Rich!
The Kelly deal, makes me question McLeish sanity to be honest!

12-02-2009 17:45:55

Hi Trond (and all fellow bluenoses). I was having a drink with Andy Patterson in
The Anchor after the match on Saturday. The match was bad but the drinking was
good. He mentioned this site and I have finally got round to putting a message
on to say hello. When are you coming to a match next? Hope to see you in the
Anchor soon.

Cheers and KRO

Ps. to anyone wondering why we have let Kelly go to Stoke - nobody has a clue
and we are still shaking our heads here in Birmingham!

04-02-2009 17:11:38

931EwL sk6skN2aP6Vvq18MdGcl

04-02-2009 17:11:02

931EwL sk6skN2aP6Vvq18MdGcl

02-02-2009 19:08:27

Thats new to me Andy! Why get rid of Kelly? Makes no sense at all?
We need more players for the cup Andy

02-02-2009 18:57:50
Andy Patterson

Had a good time up at Sheffield. You are right Martin,Phillips didn\'t do much
else. At least when he gets the chance he takes it. I won\'t be playing in the
tournament I will be supporting.
Do you know if Kelly has gone to Stoke and Sonko to Blues yet? I heard on Sky
Sports news about a loan deal

01-02-2009 22:55:27

Hi Andy. Did you and your mates have a good time in Sheffield? Good save Kevin
Phillips and hope he stay fit and sharpe to the end of the road. If I have
understand Andy correct, will he not play in the tournament. KRO

01-02-2009 09:20:31

Will you be playing Andy, what position? I understand you went last night? The
game was on telly in Norway. What is wrong with our club? Agree about Phillips,
but other than the goal he did not do much last night did he?

01-02-2009 09:12:07
Andy Patterson

Thank goodness we have Phillips. Without his 12 goals I don\'t know where we
would be! Lets get a result down at Palace on tuesday. Looking forward to the
supporter cup in June KRO

24-01-2009 17:44:03

How can so many players, thought to be decent footballers, get so bad all
togheter, McLeish?

20-01-2009 01:53:07
ofodile mayor chuks

I am fan of Birmingham , please needed the jessy printed supporters club how do
i get it.

20-01-2009 01:52:50
ofodile mayor chuks

I am fan of Birmingham , please needed the jessy printed supporters club how do
i get it.

11-01-2009 23:43:58
richie dublinbrummie

so how was bury trond it terrible when you have to travel over and the match
gets pp must have happened 3 times to me

09-01-2009 20:37:26

i am from norway and i love birmingham happy new year to all birmingham fans

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